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2021/2022- Call for Volunteers!

Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute

It is not all about work but equally about joining to have fun and changing lives by assisting in training Inclusive Human Resource, to make it possible for all children to have access to quality education and being taught by qualified teachers.

 You would be giving hope for the future for the underserved, vulnerable/underprivilege, who historically have been experiencing restriction and limited access to education because of artificial barriers, ‘which our Enthusiastic Team of Inclusive Education and Development Volunteers are working hard at addressing  as a sustainable way to increasing access to varied opportunities for all – irrespective of strength, abilities and needs. 

Yes!  there is joy in giving more than in receiving.

If you are seeking a way to contribute and give back to the community, join our team of ITCIG-SENTTI  Volunteers by clicking on the link below.

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I-SENTTI -Schools Global Volunteer Team

"Taking pride in all we do in assisting in removing artificial barriers to access to varied opportunities for all, as well as improving the quality of lives for others in need of care"

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We are soliciting for Volunteers

I-SENTTIS is pleased to announce we are currently seeking for volunteers to join our exciting team.

The volunteers are required to possess a strong background in Inclusive and Special Education, as well as an interest in working with disabled individuals, adults and children.

Start your professional training through any of the ITCIG-Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Schools to enrol into the Initial Teacher Training program that is, integrated with basic literacy knowledge in inclusive education.

 You can also access post professional training in Inclusive Special Education via the Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute-Inclusive Bilingual Evening Schools (SENTTI-IBES), Yaoundé, (the Capital of Cameroon), or You can enrol to undertake studies in Inclusive Special Education Via the Cameroon Inclusive Special Education Teacher Training and Empowerment Programme (CISETTEP), situated at Bamenda in the Northwest Region.

Note that, by accessing and undertaking Post Professional Training in Inclusive Special Education would enable you to enhance, diversity and transform your existing regular professional knowledge and skills in the domain of inclusive special education and disabilities. The qualification awarded upon successful graduation is a Post Professional Diploma in Inclusive Special Education.

Speech & Language Therapist

We are currently looking for a Volunteer Speech and Language Therapist to join our Team of Volunteers, in assisting persons with disabilities and their families in addressing issues affecting them and the nation a large.

By Volunteering with I-SENTTI we Can Offer You:


Home living accommodation is available (if you desire) to ensure you easily integrate and enjoy your volunteering experience in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon.


Orientation is provided on arrival. You would love it as we equally are enjoying every bit of our engagement with all our members, volunteers and trustees.


We see life transformation daily and smiles, revealing healing from the sense of hopelessness and regain of self and hope for the future.

The above evidence are results of the impact of our various contributions in the ongoing development and implementation of the Cameroon Inclusive Education and Development Programme activities.

Do contact us to request for any additional information regarding volunteering in Cameroon and living at Yaounde.

If this Volunteering position is of interest, and you wish to get involved, you are welcome to send us an express of interest email to:

We are soliciting for Volunteers

Sharing her post professional training in Inclusive Special Education experience with excitement.

As an Inclusive Special Education Student-teacher in Training, through the Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute-Inclusive Bilingual School (SENTTI-IBES, situated at the Saint Francis School – Carrefour Obili, Yaoundé, Cameroon), I am enjoying my training, and it is inculcating in me Inclusive Special Education professional

knowledge and skills, which would enable me to work for and with children with diverse abilities and disabilities. My training is enabling and providing me with the opportunity to better understand the learners and their needs as well as develop a relationship with learners with varied forms of special needs.

I am finding my newly founded Skills in Braille reading and transcribing as well as knowing and using the American Sign Language in Communicating and interpreting quite vital. I am now able to teach learners with hearing and visual impairment and able to work at diverse settings with various categories of individuals living with disabilities -irrespective of age.

 Similarly, I am now able to share tips and effective accommodation working practices with colleagues and parents as to how they can better care and support those living with disabilities. While doing so, I have been enabling them to understand that disability is not inability.

 I am taking this opportunity to encourage professionals from diverse profession to come forward and enrol into this innovative inclusive special education training program and enhance and diversify their professional knowledge and skills.

We should all bear in mind that; inclusive education would remain a word if there were no qualify human resource to make it attainable on the ground.

I therefore call on all to take steps to undertake studies in this domain, so that together we can foster the emergence of inclusive schools, classrooms, and society as well as work-place.

Furthermore, I have also learned and acquired the necessary knowledge and skills as to how to collaborate with parents of children with disabilities. sharing with them strategies they can use to work with their child/ren, and with other care givers and professionals Another skill which I have acquire through my post professional training at SENTTI-IBES is the ability to communicate using the American sign language. Thus, equipping me to be teacher for those living with various forms of hearing impairment as well as   assisting with their integration into mainstream community and to relate and interact to a great extent with the deaf community.

SENTTI-IBES, Yaoundé Inclusive Special Education Student Teacher narrating her training experience

I am so delighted to have take the decision to pursue post professional training in this domain – inclusive special education. I have been making use of my newly found skills in reaching all learners in my classroom. Also, I can now identify their individual needs and as well as   modify, adapt, and differentiate to accommodate. I am excited that, I am going to be a teacher for all learners upon successful graduation from this continuous professional development training program in inclusive Special Education.


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Volunteering Applications

I-SENTTI is a Co-educational, non-boarding, Professional Inclusive Special Educational Needs Teachers Training Institution.

If you are interested in Volunteering, use the form below to contact our team today for all the information you require – We look forward to hearing from you!