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Creating universal quality access to varied opportunities for all, via Assisting in Addressing Artificial Barriers, increasing quality access to Diverse Opportunities for All -Irrespective of Needs and Strengths, and Purposively Making Lives Better Inclusively.

ITCIG- Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute (ITCIG-SENTTI), is a Co-educational, non-boarding, Professional Inclusive Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institution. It is making ample use of a Social Enterprise Approach in its functioning. Thus, a Social Enterprise Institution.

It is situated in Cameroon and pioneering the Ongoing Development and Implementation of the Cameroon Inclusive Special Education Teacher Training and Empowerment Programme (CISETTEP).

ITCIG- Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute


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ITCIG-SENTTI runs several Schools and listed as follows:

  1). The Initial Teacher Training College for training and qualifying Regular Education Teachers – who are equally inculcated with literacy knowledge in inclusive education. The Regular Education Teachers are trained to work at the level of Nursery/kindergarten, Primary and junior high School.

It runs two Post Professionals Schools in Inclusive Special Education, professionals across sectors are its targeted audiences Teacher Training, with strong training priority given to teachers.  The Cameroon Inclusive Special Education Teacher Training and Empowerment Programme (CISETTEP), Bamenda, and the Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute -Inclusive Bilingual Evening School (SENTTI-IBES) comprises   the two Post Professionals Training Schools in Inclusive Special Education.

Furthermore, the Structure runs an Inclusive Practicing Nursery and Primary School, that is situated at Small Mankon, Bamenda. The above listed schools are named: The Inclusive Special Education Teacher Training Institute -Schools(I-SENTTIS) and are pursuing similar objectives.

I-SENTTI, cares strongly on the need to continuously revitalise, revamp and revolutionise the quality of teacher education and training as well as the quality of access to formal and non-formal education for all.   With focus geared towards addressing issues affecting persons living with and without disabilities and their families, which are hindering Effective Inclusive Practices, limiting, and restricting quality access to information and knowledge, limiting, and preventing the delivery of quality services provision to diverse range of services across sectors and settings.

Similarly, we care about universal quality education for all irrespective of learning Level and needs, equally, we are concern about crating and fostering appropriate access to varied opportunities for all.  we care about universal human rights and dignity. We care strongly about issues around universal welfare and health care provision and support for all; we care about the need to foster inclusive education and development.

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Have a look below at the variety of training methods we provide to our students and teachers across the continent.

In addition, do not hesitate to apply for one of our roles if you think you have what it takes and do your part, by volunteering with us!

By and large, we are concerned about improving and enhancing the quality of access to varied educational and other resources for all at diverse settings.

We care about the need to actively collaborate with stakeholders, partners, and relevant others in initiating, developing, and implementing inclusive development programme. The aim is for all to be geared towards addressing societal/community issues, enabling nation-building, empowering individuals, and fostering the spirit of self-reliance, tolerance, and acceptance.


Start you training with ITCIG-SENTTI and enrich you knowledge to develop your education and community contribution.


Apply to join ITCIG-SENTTI -Schools Community as a pupil, student, or staff by simply visiting our dedicated Applications page or by emailing our team directly at:


If you are seeking a way tocontribute and give back to the community,
join our team of ITCIG-SENTTI  Volunteers by clicking on the link below.


Meet Our Team

We are proud of our team of highly educated, experienced and industry trained members, supporting our goals daily.

Get to know a bit more about them below and do not hesitate to contact us for any further information required.

Achecknew Emmanuel


Mr. Achecknew Emmanuel, is the Principal of ITCIG-Special Educational Need Teacher Training Institute (SENTTI) – which is fully authorised and went operational in 2006/2007 Academic Year.



Uginia Urwick is a teacher by profession and has been working in various capacities in diverse settings for over 20 years in the educational industry.



Jean is a highly experienced recruiter and a valuable member of the ITCIG I-SENTTI Human Resources team providing daily support to our Institute.


Digital Director

Nicholas is a vastly experienced Marketer, Technology & Innovation consultant  and Speaker who possess over 15 years’ experience.

About the Initiator of the Cameroon Inclusive Special Education Teacher/Training and Empowerment Programme -CISET/TEP

Who is she

Her Initiatives:

1t takes just a single tree to create a forest, but nurture it...

Initiated the:

  • Cameroon Inclusive Special Education Teacher Training and Empowerment Programme
  • Inclusive Special Education Training Approach
  • Inclusive Special Educational Need Teacher Training Approaches
  • Founded ITCIG-Special Educational Needs Teachers’ Training Institute- Initial and Post Professionals training Schools in Regular and Inclusive Special Education
  • She is an Independent International Community Development Volunteer Champion
  • Inclusive Training and Practices Advocate
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Pragmatic and innovative teacher
  • A climate change advocate and a social dynamist
  • She possesses versatile professional knowledge and skills acquire through working at various settings
  • A Solution finder who refuses to be an onlooker to issues ,rather, she often opts to take the bull by the horn, thus, she is not scared in taking the lead in conceiving, developing and implementing socio-economic innovative solutions oriented ideas geared towards addressing identified issues for the betterment of all, with the view of driving the form of change she wishes to see on concerns that she feels strongly about.

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I-SENTTI is a Co-educational, non-boarding, Professional Inclusive Special Educational Needs Teachers Training Institution.

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