My frank analysis of a woman, what a joy to be a woman but remember none of those things would happen in isolation- the woman is only classified as such because there is a man there too.

One hand can never tie a bundle. Amid all of this –  both the man and woman have an equal status.  The word woman is self-explanatory of the important of each of its part.  Yes! even the word woman when diagnose – we discover astonishing results.  what are the outcomes then?

(1) The hidden word ‘won’- that is telling the world that it has been the winning sex.

(2)The word ‘On’ – which is a reassuring word- confirm the important role and thoughts of the woman – implying the woman is always on top of things.

(3)The word ‘am’- implying the woman should not always be the one to be blame when it all goes wrong with the children – for it is should be the join responsibility of the woman and man.

(4) The word ‘a’-  this word though just a letter is standing tall to tell the word that, never you put two women under the same roof- there would be trouble and most important of all is that every woman is unique-

(5) ‘An’ is another hidden word in a woman that turn to make many cultures to think-  the woman can be treated as a thing – as the Man thinks she is an article bought and subject to be owned by the buyer—not true.  The word simply implies that the woman is an instrumental and important arm of the family, by the way! Remember each person was born free and equal as such no tradition and beliefs/myths should hold them in chains.

(6) Another of such words hidding is ‘Man’ – certainly this  mighty  word is fulfilling the biblical belief that ; a woman was taken out of the rib of the man –  the significant of this is not far off,  no man no child, no woman no child – because  no matter which method  you use to have a child it  would always  require the ovule  and the sperms  to provide the ingredients need for  reproduction.

(7) The word ‘wan’ certainly is hiding in the word woman because woman love colours so much -as they strive each day to brighten the lives of those are around them like their families and would always be drawn into things that make them sometimes to look pale and tired   but – a woman would never ever give up but rather is a shock absorber. No wonder!  most women have the dual attributes of ‘Man and woman’ –  this might probably shade some light as to why the left and right brain of the woman work the same times. what an amazing human being Woman -neeeeee

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