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Continuous Provision of formal Professional training, and the award of post-Professional qualifications in Inclusive-Special Education


Understanding the Nature of the Initial and Post Professionals Training program on offer, at the ITCIG-Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute Schools

Start your professional training to become a teacher, for all through ITCIG-Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute (SENTTI). Alternatively, opt to embark upon your continuous  professional  training  for development and growth, in  the field of inclusive  and special education- through any of the ITCIG-SENTTI-Inclusive Special Education Training Schools  to: enrich, diversify and transform  your existing professional career into an inclusive one, to possess versatile competencies to access variety of jobs across sectors and disciplines, to drive inclusive practices across sectors as you do your fair share in fostering societal inclusion, inclusive education, inclusive -workplace, and development. Take concrete steps to acquire the 21st Century Inclusive Capacity building and professional development Inclusive pedagogic tools – in ways that; should aid in advancing your competencies for effective cross-sectors participation and contribution towards driving inclusive community actions, development, and nation-building.

The Inclusive Special Education training program on offer at the I-SENTTI schools is geared towards further providing an opportunity for   not only teachers but to   professional from all walks of life   to undertake continuous professional training in the domain of inclusive special education, disabilities, community-based rehabilitation, just to list a few.

The goal is to enrich, enhance and diversify existing professional’ knowledge, understanding and skills. More so, their existing regular professional careers are transformed into Inclusive Ones.

The Initiator of Cameroon’s Inclusive Special Education Training & Empowerment Programme and the conceiver of  ISETTA

Did you know?

You can also access post professional training in Inclusive Special Education via the Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute-Inclusive Bilingual Evening Schools (SENTTI-IBES), Yaoundé, (the Capital of Cameroon), or You can enrol to undertake studies in Inclusive Special Education Via the Cameroon Inclusive Special Education Teacher Training and Empowerment Programme (CISETTEP), situated at Bamenda in the Northwest Region -Cameroon?

Note that, by accessing and undertaking Post Professional Training in Inclusive Special Education would enable you to enhance, diversity and transform your existing regular professional knowledge and skills in the domain of inclusive special education and disabilities. The qualification awarded upon successful graduation is a Post Professional Diploma in Inclusive Special Education.

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The training programs on offer are:
  • Initial Teacher Education and training for the training and qualifying of General Education Teacher, who are equally possessing literacy knowledge in inclusive education.

  • Training of inclusive special educators to work with and for learners with and without disabilities at diverse settings. Their training equally warrants this new breed of 21st Century professionals to work across disciplines while performing various roles.

  • Schools also Trains and qualifies Special Educators to work with and for Individual living with disabilities and their families, as well as with services providers of persons with disabilities as well as Associations and Organisations of persons with disabilities.

  • The Structure also Trains and qualifies paraprofessionals to assist varied professional/ practitioners with whom they are working for and with individuals with and without Special Educational Needs and disabilities. This collaborative working would be enabling the effective accommodation of all services users in a user -centre manner – as they assist with necessary support, care, differentiation, modification, and accommodation -guided by the Individual Education plan and Individual Care Plan in a need and age-appropriate manner.

  • Training of Social Educators that are equipped with relevant information, knowledge, and skills to work with diverse audiences at varied settings while making ample usage of their versatile competences.

  • Furthermore, the I-SENTTI Training programmes also makes provisions for interested candidates to undertake single course study in either Sign Language and Braille, to work as Sign Language Interpreters and Braille Transcribers.

  • Provision is also made for Persons living with disabilities, their families, carers, and guardians to undertake disabilities appropriate courses, to acquire the relevant information, knowledge and understand of the type of disability in question to better support and care for the individual under their care as well as to be able to interact and work more effectively with the various multi-Agencies or professional working with and for their child/ren.

  • In addition, to the initial and post professionals training programs, ITCIG-Special Educational Needs Teachers’ Training Institute –(I-SENTTI) also runs a Child-Centred School. It is an Inclusive Practising Nursery and Primary School- where by, admission is open to all irrespective of individual strengths and needs, children feel the sense of belonging, are respected, acknowledge, accepted for whom they are, there is tolerance, and children are encouraged to be able to take responsibilities for their individual learning.
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We are obviously aware of current trends and expectations in Teacher Education and knowing that; effective teacher education and Training requires inclusive pedagogy inculcation via training.


Every learner would thrive and work towards attaining his/her maximum potential, when a conducive teaching, learning, supportive, caring and nurturing environment is created.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for the Initial Teacher Training Programme

Learn more about the nature and duration of training at the level of the Initial Teacher Training (ITT) below:

The nature and duration of each of the training program depends on the field of study and qualification used to enrolled into the chosen training courses which are on offer. 

Information on the Initial Teacher Training Program (ITTP)- for the Training and qualifying of Regular Education Teachers (TRET).

As such, we provide a number of courses and certifications for interested parties, providing them with a platform to further their education and career in the public and private sector. 

Learn more about the entry requirement qualifications needed as well as the duration of our courses by simply scrolling through this page, where you can find all the information needed to elevate your career.

Entering Level Qualifications & Duration of Studies

for prospective student-teachers wishing to be train and qualify as Regular General Education Teachers are:

Program & Courses Information

This Program is open to Existing Professionals from all works of live and with a strong focus on Educators and stakeholders from every level be they Teachers or Educational Administrators. The modules are purposively designed to foster continuous professional development and growth in the domain of disabilities, special education, inclusive education and practice, inclusive development, mainstream Inclusive sensitisation, and awareness raising and Advocacy. More contemporary and innovative approaches are deployed or made ample use of in the training and qualifying of Inclusive Human Resource.  Existing Professionals from Across Sectors are encourage and enable to enrol into continuous professional education and training program in the domain of inclusive special education and disabilities. Upon successful completion of the training program, the qualification awarded is a Post Professional Diploma in Inclusive Special Education. Enrolling into the program thus, provide the unique opportunity to each trainee to further develop and grow in their profession, in a way that, would further aid them to enhance, diversify and to transform their existing regular professional’ careers into Inclusive Ones.

Equally, make them recognise and appreciate the need to offer services in a person centre manner. The transformation of their respective regular professional knowledge and skills into inclusive ones would thereby, make it possible for each of them to make use of versatile competences to assist in removing artificial barriers to access to a broad range of services and information to their respective services users.

Similarly, they would then be enhancing the quality of access and services provision to all those they serve or work with and for, in a more effective manner.  Enable them to make more maximum usage of   varied and scarce resources at their disposal at their respective settings. The training duration is one Year.


Entry Requirements Information

An Inclusive Special Educator at SENTTI-IBES, Yaoundé, fostering reciprocal teaching and nurturing independent learning

The minimum entering qualification into this training programme is to be a holder of at least two Advance Level General Certificate of Education.

The qualification awarded upon successful graduation is a special education diploma.

Meanwhile, persons with special Needs and their families, who meet the entering requirements are encouraged to enrol. 

Enrolment into any of the single courses is determined by individual circumstances, and other consideration, one of which is the related professional background working experience. The stated study duration is one year.

I-SENTTI equally work with other Structures wishing to build and enhance the professional capacity of their human resources in the domain of inclusive special Education and Psychosocial Support by assisting in In-Service Education Training (IN-SET). The purpose is to enable their workers to acquire some relevant knowledge and skills in inclusion – to be able to work for all in a client-centre manner, and in the Continuous professional training in the field of inclusive special education and psychosocial Support can be dependent on the level of experiences which prospective candidates have in the

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