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We are pioneering the ongoing development and implementation of the ‘Cameroon Inclusive Special Educational Needs Teachers


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ITCIG Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute Donations

A co-educational non-boarding Professional Inclusive Special Educational Needs Teacher’s Training Institution, we are pioneering the ongoing development and implementation of the ‘Cameroon Inclusive Special Educational Needs Teachers Training and Empowerment Project/Programme (CISENTTEP).

Through this, the more contemporary and innovative teacher training approach is made use of – and described by the initiator (Uginia A. Urwick) as:- an Inclusive –Special Education Teacher Training Approach (ISETTA).

Making maximum use of the above mentioned approach, the project trains and qualifies Inclusive Special Education Teachers locally in Cameroon for Cameroon.

Learn more about our Unique ISETTA Method (enabling teachers to be teachers for all learners) among others, which has continued to revamp, revitalise, and revolutionise the quality of teacher education and training, similarly, transforming the quality of varied access to diverse audiences not just learners in Cameroon.

Find out how our expert staff and trainers are able to assist in training and qualifying Inclusive Special Education Teachers locally

Learn how our graduates are highly sought in a variety of institutions due to our unique teaching approach.

Why was a new Teaching Approach required?

The simple logic and justification is that; ‘one size does not fit all’ in which case, a standard programme of study.

That is, general Education form of teacher’s education and training for teachers in the country would not be good enough to meet individual unique learners learning needs and strengths in given learning environments.

There is no garden with one type for plant spices without the presence of other unwanted grass, weed or other plants.

Apparently, whether we like to accept/admit it or not- it is the case with our classrooms and educational system. This is equally the reality with our societies. There is no separate farm land for unwanted plants to grow. There is no separate society for those living with disabilities and having special educational needs to inhabit on. 

An inclusive society and education is good for all. So, let each one of us endeavour to invite all those who have been historically left out in…


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is making a difference.

ITCIG Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute Donations

The introduction of an alternative innovative Inclusive –Special Education Teacher Training Approach to replace the archaic long survive standardized General Education Teachers Training Model, that was practice following independence and is still practiced in Cameroon today. The lapses encompassed with this model implies that; it was badly in need of modernisation and it thus, sufficed for ITCIG-SENTTI to pull the plug with the introduction and injection of a much more multi-dimensional teacher training approach- the Inclusive-Special Education Teacher Training Approach. SENTTI is no longer alone worrying about the standard of teacher education curriculum, the quality of teacher training in relation to the teacher’s abilities to meet the teaching and learning needs of each learner.

Government Ministries of Education, for instance, the Ministry of Secondary Education (The Ministry under which the training of Teachers for the Nursery-primary and junior Secondary now falls under) in 2014 did a shark up review of the General Education Teacher Education Training Syllabus.

The experimentation of the 2014 reviewed Syllabus was done and this 2015 /2016 Academic Year has witnessed the full adoption of the reviewed Teacher Education Training Syllabus. Notwithstanding, this change still has a long way to go as far as including learners with Exceptionalities in and out of school is concern. Notwithstanding, the above move by the Ministry of Secondary Education is seen by the ITCIG-SENTTI Team as laudable as we are appreciative of the fact that; the tide is beginning to change towards a more contemporary training method for teachers – even if it is still an orientated change towards the General Education Teacher Training programme in Cameroon.

Why was a new Teaching Approach required?

This new breed of 21st century teachers are making it possible for the Cameroon government to actually be on the positive move to creating and providing universal access to education for all.

They are successfully removing artificial barriers to learning and to other opportunities for children, young adults and adults living with disabilities and special educational needs.

They are also assisting in providing solutions to some of the issues affecting the parents of children in need of additional support and provision.

Their training has made it possible for human resource in the country to be made maximum use of – as Inclusive –Special Education Teachers have the competences to be mobile job wise across Government Ministers and the Private Sector.

Giving the opportunity to every child to be taught by a qualified teacher and having adequate and appropriate access to the standard level appropriate curriculum as well as access to quality basic education.

This is an always was our aim as an educational institution, seeking to disrupt the norm and provide alternative, effective and inclusive education to all.

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