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ITCIG Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute

Are you interested to learn more about the innovative Inclusive Special Education Training and Qualifying Program, and how you can also become a Regular teacher who equally possess basic literacy knowledge in Inclusive Education?

You might as well wish to become an Inclusive Special Educator or a Special Education practitioner by accessing any of the training Programs via any of the I-SENTTI Initial and Post Professionals Schools.

Note. Each of the Structures is making maximum usage of a unique and innovative ISENTTA and ISETA Training approaches, whose end product is either the acquiring of a Regular Professional Teacher Qualification or the award of a Post Professional Diploma in Inclusive Special Education or an initial Diploma in Special Education to trainees who successfully meet and fulfil the requirements of each of the Training Programs offer at the schools in Cameroon.  

It is of interest to also mention that ISENTTI runs an Inclusive Practicing Nursery and Primary School, and admission is open to all children – irrespective of Strengths and Needs. All her schools are non-discriminatory schools.

Every learner would thrive and work towards attaining his/her maximum potential, when a conducive teaching, learning, supportive, caring and nurturing environment is created.

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Learn more about our unique ISETTA Method that has revolutionised special education in Cameroon

Find out how our expert staff and trainers are able to assist in training and qualifying Inclusive Special Education Teachers locally

Learn how our graduates are highly sought in a variety of institutions due to our unique teaching approach.

What we hold a strong belief in:

Our belief that, teachers irrespective of teaching levels should be purposively trained to be teachers for all learners, and this can only be possible through inclusive special education training to qualify inclusive Special Educators, who possess inclusive pedagogic knowledge and skills that enables such calibre of teachers (or professionals from other background other than in the field of education) to work for and with individuals without any history of disability or disabilities related special needs.

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I-SENTTI is a Co-educational, non-boarding, Professional Inclusive Special Educational Needs Teachers Training Institution.

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What we hold a strong belief in:

2006/2007 Academic Year witnessed the commencement of Inclusive Special Education Professional Training in Cameroon via ITCIG-Special Educational Needs Teacher Training Institute (SENTTI), to qualify Inclusive Special Educators locally in the country. 

SENTTI is a non-Governmental authorised Inclusive Professional Training Structure, and the birthplace of Inclusive-Special Education Teacher/ Training in Cameroon, and runs an Inclusive Practicing Nursery and Primary School, Initial Teacher Training College and two Post Professional Training Schools in Inclusive Special Education.


Photo: Pioneer Batch of Inclusive Special Education Student Teachers at ITCIG-SENTTI, Bamenda

It is pioneering the Cameroon Ongoing Development and Implementation of Inclusive Special Education Teacher Training and Empowerment programme, and is situated at Bamenda, in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It thus, offers Initial Teacher Education Training Program, and runs a Continuous Post Professional Training for Existing Professionals from all works of life (but with a strong focus on teachers) in Inclusive Special Education.

This Inclusive innovative Post Professional Training Program Trains and Qualifies Inclusive Special Educators. An Inclusive Special Educator is a new Breed of human capital in Cameroon, whose format of training does purposively inculcate upon her or him versatile competencies, to enable such a professional to work for and with all learners, at diverse settings and across sectors.